Wind Damage Repair SERVICES

Wind Damage Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

Strong winds can never befriend any residential or commercial premises.
Stormy winds can lead to a damaged roof, falling trees, missing shingles, and siding damage – everything that will hurt the value of your property and take away your peace of mind. The aftermath of damage may further result in problems such as rainwater leakages, rotting wood, and debris accumulation. Hence, it is always recommended to get a wind damage repair service in times of such emergency to avoid any severe consequences later on.

At Gryphon, our wind damage repair experts take care of all the repairs and restoration issues in a streamlined manner. Our team has years of experience and have gone through rigorous training in dealing with emergency situations of wind damage. Being Phoenix’s leading restoration contractor, we provide the following services to head on with wind damage –

• Wind damage inspection
• Roof repairs and replacement
• Fencing repairs and replacement
• Window repairs and replacement
• Debris removal and cleanups
• Electrical installation repairs and replacement
• Emergency board-up services

Gryphon Wind Damage Restoration – How Do We Work?

We believe in perfection, and do not hesitate to go above and beyond to deliver 100% satisfactory results to our clients. We have our own approach to cater to wind damage jobs and deliver value for money services. Here’s how we go about our wind damage restoration process –

Inspection: Our experts conduct an inspection of the premises to ascertain what parts are damaged and can be repaired and the ones which need to be replaced completely. We prepare a draft inspection report of the observations and present it before our clients.

Planning: We reach on an agreement on the areas which need to be repaired, and the ones which should be replaced to ensure safety and mitigate risks of property damage. We plan our work ascertaining the estimated time and efforts that will be required in the wind damage restoration and the way in which our experts will proceed with the task.

Implementation: We carry out the implementation task as per the plan and incorporate changes as the circumstances demand. Our experts work with cent percent dedication and commitment and do not leave loose ends in their work. Keeping the quality aspects in mind, we fix the issue once and for all; and our services do ask for require. Also, we do not cause any delays and try to finish our job as early as possible.

Customer sign off: Our job does not end until our clients have carried out an inspection on their own end and are fully satisfied with the quality of our work. If they require some areas to be reworked on, we are always in for the job.

Why Choose Gryphon for Wind Damage Restoration?

Available 24/7: Our experts are available all round the clock. We understand the mess our client is in and we give our best in fixing all the damages within a reasonable time. We have always been successful in dealing with emergencies in an organized manner.

Quality Service: At Gryphon, we thrive to excel at the quality of work we perform. Years of successful wind damage servicing has become possible only because of the quality standards we have been able to maintain. Our policy of strictly adhering to the timelines has always impressed our customers in the past. We never compromise on our work ethics and performance, which makes us a reliable restoration contractor in the Phoenix area.

Free Inspection: Once we receive a call from you, we schedule an inspection for you at no cost. Our team will be there at your doorstep and investigate the extent of damage, after which we will assess the affected areas and the amount of repair/ restoration work that needs to be completed with care. We will provide you with the estimated cost which will be required for carrying out the restoration work.

Expert Technicians: Our licensed experts are very well trained in handling all kinds of wind damages. They have acquired years of experience and are capable of dealing with the most extreme cases of wind damage. They will never back out from their job and will be there at your premises until the whole structure is repaired.

Affordable Service: We are quite affordable, and you do not need to have a heavy pocket to avail our services. We do not exploit our customers by charging them unnecessarily high in the name of quality. Gryphon’s superior service, matched with competitive pricing has always been a reason to cheer for our clients.

Advanced Technology: Our experts work with advanced equipment and that makes the task easier. Our knowledge of using the latest tools for repairs and replacement activities aid in completing the restoration job with 100% success rate.

Customer-centric Approach: Customer satisfaction and quality are the cornerstones on which our organization is built. We never try to deceive our customers either on quality or cost aspect. We take our job seriously and ensure that our wind damage restoration services are up to the mark.

Insurance: Getting claims from insurance companies is a tedious task, but not for us. Being a leading restoration contractor in Phoenix, we assist our clients in getting the insurance claims and complying with all the formalities so that the claims are disbursed quickly.

Contact Gryphon for Emergency Wind Damage Restoration

Over time, we have emerged as leaders in providing wind damage repair service in Phoenix. The experts at Gryphon have amassed great experience over the years and are proficient in dealing with the most complex issues. Their expertise, combined with the professional & courteous attitude, has helped in retaining our clients all these years. We have strived for continued excellence in imparting our services, as a result of which we stand out as clear favorites among our clients.

Contact Gryphon for Phoenix’s best wind damage repair and replacement solutions!