Top Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

With proper maintenance, your roof can last for quite a while so that it can actually work as it was intended. But even with proper maintenance, a roof won’t last forever. It’s why we our maintenance procedures include looking for signs of roof replacement Phoenix residents need to be prepared for.
So what signs should you look for? While only an experienced roofing expert will know for sure, here are some signs that indicate that you may need to replace your roof soon:
1. You visit the attic (don’t forget your flashlight!) and you see outside light showing through the roof. And while you’re there, check for other signs as well. These include dark spots and trails where water has seeped and other signs of water leaks and damage. Find spots where the roof deck appears to be sagging. The more of these signs are noticeable, the more likely it is that you need a new roof.
2. Your shingles can also help indicate that a new roof is imminent. Take a close look at your shingles, and see if there are any buckling or curled shingles especially among the ones that receive direct sunlight. These are signs that your shingles are at the end of their expected lifespan (or that your previous installer put in a defective roof).
3. It can also be a bad sign if you have missing shingles, especially when they’re missing in the “valley” area of the roof. This is the area where the rain and the snow flow into the gutters, so if your valleys are damaged then you’re going to get roof leaks.
4. Your gutters are filled with shingle granules. These things look like big grains of sand, and they’re a sign of an old roof that will need a replacement soon. Some parts of your roof may also display a darker or an inconsistent color, and these are signs that the granules have been worn away.
5. Your roof is more than 20 years old. The typical roof will last somewhere about 20 to 25 years, so once you go past 2 decades then you’re in the red zone. Even though you may think that nothing’s really wrong with your roof, if it is 25 years old then you really have to get it replaced.
6. Other houses in your neighborhood are replacing their roofs. In general, houses that were built at around the same time will have roofs that last the same period of time. So if many of your neighbors are replacing their roofs, then you really have to think about it too.
7. Your roof just looks really worn and really old. If it looks that bad, then a total replacement may be necessary to make it look good again.

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