We just had our roof replaced by Gryphon and we couldn’t be happier. We were leaning toward Gryphon after getting bids primarily because our sales guy was extremely smart, friendly, helpful, and attentive. Unfortunately he had a family emergency. Bu we were transitioned smoothly to someone new and she was just as great. The price was competitive with 2 other bids we received, and the work is beautiful. The crew was fast, friendly, and neat. I even saw one of them out there with a metal detector of some kind looking for stray nails around the house.

I’m not a roofing expert but we have a complicate roof with multiple peaks and a large flat portion. I’ve been on the roof many time with the telescope and the difference between the neatness and quality of the new roof vs. the old is like night and day. All the various seams around skylights, the metal whatever-they’re-calleds that sick up, etc.. are now neat and tidy, and all that stuff is painted to match, and looks great. Nobody will ever see it but it makes me happy to know the workers took pride in a job that looks great even out of sight.

We had two very minor problems with the install (small alignment problem on the drip guard in one corner, and a spot on the eave in a tight corner where it did not look 100% perfect. Gryphon did a review with us when the work was done and when I pointed these out he sent someone back to fix them the next day.

There was a small additional lumber cost for the wood that had to be replaced. They told me ahead of time that this was likely given the age of the roof, so although not exciting, it was no problem.

The whole experience was A+. Highly recommended.