Room Addition Tips And Tricks For Homeowners

Planning for the addition of a room with regard to a residential home can be a major undertaking for homeowners. That said it is important to plan accordingly and take the time to get this type of major project right from the very start. The result will be a beautiful addition to a home that can add value and add to the overall functionality of any residential home.

An Afterthought

One of the first aspects of planning for a room addition is to consider design. Homeowners should evaluate their existing floor plan to make certain that the design of the room addition fits accordingly. In other words, a room addition should not look out of place or look like an afterthought. A well-planned and well-executed room addition project will make the space seem as a natural and normal extension to the existing home. This includes planning accordingly when it comes to interior design so that all elements of the room addition match the existing theme and style already present.

Smarter Financial Alternative

Another key concern when planning for a room addition is how much value the project will add to the home. In some instances, it may actually be more sensible to sell the home and buy a larger home to maximize one’s expenditure. In some instances, adding additional square footage to a home is a more cost-effective way of accommodating a growing family as compared to buying a new home. Conversely, there are other cases where purchasing larger home is a smarter financial alternative. Either way, any time a room addition is contemplated it is always important to take into account the actual market value of the home as it stands and the market value of the home once the addition has been completed.

Less Expensive In Terms Of Square Footage

This will help to determine whether a room addition makes sense from a financial standpoint. Finally, some major remodeling projects may even include installing a second story to a home. This is a smart way to implement a room addition because in many instances it is less expensive in terms of square footage as compared to extending a room laterally. Most importantly, adding a second story can have a big impact on the overall market value over residential home. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for Phoenix room addition contractor related services.