Roofs Going Green

When we say that some roofs are going green we literally mean it. The Germans (of course) pioneered a new technology that essentially transforms your roof into a garden or shrubbery. The roofing innovation is actually employed by 10% of German roofs, and it is slowly making its way to the US. But one may ask, “Why would I want a garden or lawn on my roof.”

Why Turn my Roof into a Garden?

Well basically, a green roof will facilitate lower energy bills. Grass and heavy vegetation will keep your home cooler in the summer and lower your energy bill in the process. Also, it looks cool. If you have grass on your roof you will surely stand out in the community. How your HOA will receive a roof covered in grass and plants is a mystery though.

How It Works

Obviously, allowing your roof to transform into a garden raises some concerns. For instance, how do the plants take up roots? and if they manage to take up roots, how do the roofs not collapse from the moisture stored in the soil? Well, these roofs are covered with vegetation and soil, and a water proof membrane that protects the home. Also, the roof comes equipped with irrigation systems.


Many people wonder how much a roof garden cost. Not as much as you might think. It ranges from $10-15 dollars a square foot. Some commercial projects cost more, but these are much more extensive. For instance, one roof garden came equipped with full grown trees and vegetation. Maintenance on this project was expensive to, not to mention the cost to water a forest seated onto of an office building.