Roofing Material Benefits And Advantages

Those planning for a new roof installation or remodeling project have many choices when it comes to roofing material. Here are a few of the primary and most popular types of roofing material used today. Each roofing product has its own advantages and disadvantages that homeowners must consider before making a final decision when it comes to the type of material that will be used. Saving time and money is easy by planning carefully with regard to roofing material.

Much Of That Cost Is Made Up Down The Road

Metal roof shingles are a popular option for those that have the budget to handle this type of roofing material. The good news when it comes to metal roofing is that the maintenance costs are almost nothing. While there is a big expense on the front end when it comes to installing metal roof material, much of that cost is made up down the road in the form of minimal maintenance expenses. Best of all, metal roofs blend well with a wide variety of home styles and designs.

Metal Roofing Can Even Be Recycled

Even more impressive is the fact that metal roofing is nonflammable and is impervious to insects and a wide variety of weather conditions. With a lifespan of up to five decades, metal roofing is a smart choice for those that are environmentally conscious and aware. Metal roofing can even be recycled making it an environmentally friendly choice in more ways than one. In many instances, homeowners will choose aluminum as the preferred type of metal roofing. This is due to the fact that it is lightweight and has an incredibly long lifespan. Steel and copper are other common choices that are typically more expensive than aluminum.

Concrete Shingles Work Well With Virtually Any Type Of Home Style

Another excellent choice when it comes to roofing material is concrete shingles. Concrete shingles are often chosen because of their low maintenance requirements and their long life. As with metal, concrete is resistant to wind, extreme temperatures and corrosion. Concrete is also resistant to shattering. Composed of sand and cement, concrete shingles work well with virtually any type of home style or design. Fitting in well with virtually any type of architecture means that concrete shingles are a common and a preferred choice today when it comes the roofing material. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today to learn more about Phoenix roofing materials and products.