Roof Coating Explained

It may surprise some to lean that roof coating has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, there are accounts of a special pitch used to water proof roof and protect its inhabitants from rain and the elements. Technology has rapidly advanced since then, and roof coating has become a common practice that serves multiple purposes.

Scientifically speaking, roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane that has elastic properties that allow it to stretch and reform to its original shape without sustaining damage.

There are many benefits of roof coating. Exempli gratis roof coating is known to protect against cracks and leaks. Moreover, roof coating can drastically extend the life of your roof. Lastly, roof coating is known to insulate your home, which drives down energy bills.

Roof coating can be an affordable, realistic option for commercial and residential home builders looking to save money and protect their home from the elements. It’s important to contact a qualified expert in roofing with years of experience like Gryphon Roofing. We have access to the latest and greatest technology and our customer satisfaction is impeccable. Roof coating is the icing on the cake of a perfect protector from the elements—aka a roof.

Many unqualified roofers can overcoat roofs which causes considerable damage to the overall integrity of a property. If done correctly, however, roof coating can add an additional twenty five years of life to a roof, making it a decent investment for any homeowner. Again, it’s important to only consult experts and avoid the service of amateurs. At Gryphon Roofing we are more than equipped to handle roof coating or any other roofing concern for that matter.