Majestic Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the rarest form of roofing, comprising only 10% of the overall residential roofing market. This is mainly due to the fact that metal roofing can be very, very expensive. But one look at the Cauterets in France, or journey back in time to the Roman Pantheon, will surely justify the cost. Metal roofing is beautiful, and it radiates the impressions of power, and opulence. Indeed, if your house has a copper roof, then there is a high probability your guest will be mesmerized, astounded, and slightly afraid of you—in a good way.

History Hammered Out with Metal Roofs

Some of the greatest works of architecture employed metal roofs to exude brilliance and attest to the marvel of human ingenuity and craft. The most famous example is the roman Pantheon, which is fabled to be so incredibly beautiful that the gods themselves were unable to look upon it without weeping. In the medieval ages, Europeans utilized metal roofing to construct the copper roof of St. Mary’s Cathedral, which survives to this day—though the roof was replaced due to the oxidation of copper, which turned the roof green.

Other Notable Structures with Metal Roofs

Residents of the valley should be familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright, specifically Taliesin West. Anyone familiar with this school and secondary resident of the great artificer himself, will notice that he employed copper roofing to blend in with the tawny desert and the rising sun. Another notable use of metal roofing is the Hidesheim Cathedral, or in German Hildesheimer Dom. This beautiful medieval Catholic Church still remains in Germany, and its beautiful copper roof is now green from oxidation—oddly looking even better than the original tawny tone of copper. And last but not least is Elsinore’s Castle, immortalized in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These beautiful structures, or works of art, are just a few examples of the brilliance metal roofing provides.