Gryphon Roofing Advises Against Pressure Washing Roofs

Often times, ambitious companies will tell homeowners a fraction of the truth to gain a sale. Pressure washing service companies are far from exempt. They will explain to homeowners and commercial real-estate providers that pressure washing will increase the longevity of their property, remove harmful irritants from the buildings structure, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the property. The only claim here that holds water is the latter. Pressure washing will provide your property with a clean look, but it will not increase the lifespan of the building structure or completely remove harmful irritants such as mold. Pressure washing a home is likely to do the opposite.

When pressure washing is used to clean a roof, if may remove mold, but it will also remove some of the roofing material in the process. Moreover, if mold is present, your roof will be highly susceptible to the fragmentation that goes along with pressure washing.

Pressure washing is accomplished by spouting over 2,400 pounds of water pressure at an object, thus breaking apart any additional debris that has latched on to the housing structure. This is ideal for cleaning boats, maybe an old school house. But a spout exerting that much pressure should never be aimed at your roof. Often times we have seen roof shingles and tabs visibly lifted by the stream. Somehow pressure washing providers are able to get away with this.

A prudent and informed homeowner, however, would never let this slide. It behooves all homeowners to leave issues such as mold and roof cleaning to professionals like Gryphon Roofing. A roof over your head is an essential component to happiness. Using a pressure washer will result in damage to your roof, and it is strongly recommended to avoid utilizing this service on your roof like the plague. Gryphon Roofing advises against pressure washing roofs.