Flat Roof Care And Maintenance Tips

Every roof is unique and different and that is why it is important to consider specific care and maintenance tips when it comes to structures that have a flat roof. It is important to note that in general a flat roof will not be perfectly flat and will in actuality have some amount of slope. In fact, larger flat roofs will often have slopes in varying directions. This is essential to ensuring proper runoff.

Water Does Not Collect Around The Foundation

Flat roof sloping is intended to allow for runoff to drain into the gutter system and out through downspouts. Ultimately, the main objective of the system is to ensure that water does not collect around the foundation of a residential or commercial building. When inspecting a flat roof there are some essentials that should be taken into account. For example, any debris such as leaves, branches, soil deposits or dirt should be removed carefully and completely.

Checking Flashing To Ensure That All Caulking Is Holding Up

When removing debris from a roof it is best to do so on a ladder using a soft broom or some other similar type of device. Walking on a roof is a sure way to cause damage that may result in leaks. When inspecting a roof visually from a ladder it is always a good idea to check for separated seams or other similar types of defects. Another aspect of any roof inspection should be that of checking flashing to ensure that all caulking is holding up with a solid and firm bond. Weather conditions, high winds and an excess of rain can sometimes cause flashing to separate from the roof structure.

Inspect Low Areas Of The Roof And Indentations

Another care and maintenance tip with regard to flat roofs is to always inspect low areas of the roof and indentations where water could pool over time. Standing water that is allowed to pool and remain for extended periods of time can ultimately result in damage to a flat roof. Finally, in as much as is possible it is recommended to trim tree limbs, branches and other types of foliage so that it is not hovering directly over a flat roof. This is an inexpensive and easy way to protect a roof from damage over the long term. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for Phoenix residential roofing repair related services.