Looking At A Comparison Of Wood Shakes And Clay Tile Roofing Material

Homeowners have a multitude of choices today when it comes to quality roofing materials. However, there are two types of roofing materials that have grown in popularity in recent years that are worth considering. While these roofing materials have been around for a long time and have provided valuable services in terms of protecting homes and businesses, they are growing in popularity at a surprising rate.

Wood Shakes Are Smooth And Unique In Appearance

Those looking for a truly rustic look in their home or business are finding that wood shakes provide a traditional and rustic look that is impressive and surprisingly affordable. While wood shakes can often be somewhat more costly than other types of roofing material, they are fairly priced considering the level of beauty that they can add to a building. Often made of cedar, wood shakes are smooth and unique in appearance. Quality cedar wood shakes are often hand split resulting in a rougher surface as compared to factory produced shakes that are smoother in appearance.

Those Looking For Exceptional Visual Appeal

As a note of caution, wood shakes can be more susceptible to insect infestation, mold or rot. However, cedar wood is often more resistant to all of these negative effects. Determining the type of wood that will be used can have a big impact on long-term maintenance and care costs. Plan carefully in this regard to ensure that your roof comes out as you had hoped for. Clay tiles are an excellent choice for those looking for exceptional visual appeal. Often found on the West Coast of United States, clay tiles add a unique and interesting look to any home.

A Structure That Is To Be Enjoyed For Many Decades

Often portraying a Spanish or southwestern look, clay tiles are impervious to fire, insects, and rot. Their lifespan is exceptional and they have even been known to outlast the very structure that they protect. Lasting many decades, clay tiles are a cost-effective way to provide a roof for a structure that is to be enjoyed for many decades. As a side note, clay tiles are heavy and as such may require that a structure be reinforced in some way to handle the extra weight. Either way, clay tiles and wood shakes are beautiful ways to enhance the appeal of any home. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for Phoenix roofing services that get results.