Commercial Roof Care

Commercial business owners wishing to maintain the roof of a commercial structure in the best condition may wish to consider these simple yet important roof-care related tips. This is especially important simply due to the fact that a new commercial roof can be a major investment for a business. One example of an excellent way to ensure that a commercial roof is in good condition is to have routine inspections performed.

Good Condition And Tightly Attached

Having a commercial roof inspected in late fall or even in the early spring is an excellent way to maintain a roof. A typical inspection can turn up everything from torn shingles to curling, fraying and other roofing related problems. An inspection should also look at flashing that is typically found around skylights, chimneys as well as other roofing related penetrations. Flashing should always be in good condition and tightly attached. Loose flashing is a sure way to experience water damage.

Detect Problems In A More Complete Way

Doing a general check for any signs of leakage or rot should be part of any overall commercial roof inspection. While many business owners may choose to do a roof inspection on their own it is strongly recommended to have a professional roofing contractor do the work. This is simply due to the fact that a roofing contractor will often be able to detect problems in a more complete way. Equally important is to always ensure the trees are well trimmed and away from the building. This will reduce the amount of clutter and debris that fall onto a roof and into the gutters.

Never Walk On A Roof

In addition, gutters and downspouts should always be maintaining a clean condition and free of debris, sticks and leaves at all times. Properly flowing gutters are important to ensuring that water damage does not occur to other components of a roof. Finally, as a note of caution it is important for those unfamiliar with roof inspections to never walk on a roof. Walking on a roof can cause considerable damage and may result in a fall that causes serious or life-threatening injuries. The best option when inspecting a roof is to simply stay on the ladder and view as much of the roof as possible in this way. Contact Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling today for Phoenix commercial roofing services.