1 12, 2016

Winterize Your Home’s Roof

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Winterize Your Home's Roof Brr…it’s cold out there lately! In just the last week, temperatures have dipped down, and now the thermometer is reading in the 40s in the mornings, with days averaging in the 60s and 70s. The scorching heat of our summers is behind us, and we have entered winter in Phoenix. This is the time of year we Phoenicians live for: beautiful days, cold nights, pumpkin spice, meals with family and friends, watching football, and enjoying a little down time. But that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Don’t Forget Your Roof There is one thing that shouldn't be overlooked as winter comes every season, and that is preparing your roof for the cold weather and the harsh frosts that will come. Yes, even in Phoenix, we have to prepare our homes for winter. We do get freezing temperatures, and that requires a little bit of forethought to keep everything running [...]

17 11, 2016

How Monsoons Affect Damaged Roofs

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How Phoenix Monsoons Affect Damaged Roofs You find a little drip of water coming through the ceiling during the monsoon, but you shrug it off. “It’s no big deal. It’s not like it rains much here anyway.” Living in the desert, it might not seem like much, but Phoenix roofers know that your roof is your key protector from the elements, and a tiny drip means a leak, which threatens the entire structure of the roof. The monsoons may not last long, and the rain may come more in the form of flash floods than April showers, but this intense weather is pretty good at exacerbating the condition of damaged roofs. That’s why you need to be aware of your roof’s condition and take steps to ensure it’s in great working order before you find yourself facing a big problem. Areas of Concern It’s easy enough to conduct a simple review of your roof’s condition [...]

14 11, 2016

Types of Commercial Roofs

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Types of Commercial Roofs As a business owner, you need your livelihood to be protected. One of the most basic ways you can do that is with a solid roof over your place of business. Phoenix roofing contractors know which are the best types of roofs, and for the most part, they’re broken into two categories. Steep-slope Roofing As the name implies, these roofs have a steep slope and are designed for watershedding. To qualify, the roof needs to exceed a 14º angle. While we don’t necessarily need this type of roof in the Sonoran Desert, we still see roofs like this in the Valley of the Sun. Types of steep-slope roofs include asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tile, metal roofs, slate, wood shakes and shingles, and synthetic materials. These roofs are usually applied in a shingle style, a piece at a time. These are built in three layers: Roof deck: This is the structural [...]

14 10, 2016

Ways a New Roofing System Can Help Save Energy

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Energy Efficient Roof Systems According to the Federal Trade Commission, heating and cooling the home is responsible for around 50 percent of the amount that goes into utility bills. The good news is that you can change this by installing a new roofing system. In fact, your roof is capable of playing a crucial role in making your home more energy efficient. The summer heat and chill of winter need perfect defenses, which you can get with the right kind of roof. So, how does a new roofing system help conserve energy? Properly Insulated A poorly insulated roof is less energy efficient, and will allow more heat to enter in summer, and more heat to escape in the winter. This can result in ineffective heating and cooling and an increase to heating and cooling costs throughout the year. New roofing systems come with the best in insulation, including new installation techniques. Older homes in particular [...]

5 10, 2016

What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Roofing Company in Maricopa County

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Hiring a Roofing Company in Maricopa County and the Greater Phoenix Area Is reroofing part of your home improvement project? If it is, then you have to look for the best roofing company in the greater Phoenix area. The project needs professional contractors, top materials, and a skillful hand. Before embarking on any roofing or reroofing project, you must spend time learning about your local roofing companies, including the materials and craftsmen that they use. Because you will be relying on the advice and insight of your chosen roofer, it is important to find one that you can trust to complete your roofing job right, on time, and on budget. Avoid Relying On Just Yellow Pages to Find a Phoenix Roofer Some people rely solely on the Yellow Pages when looking for roofers. Such an approach wouldn’t be bad if you also sought feedback and recommendations from your neighbors, family and friends. The homebuilder’s association is [...]

3 10, 2016

The Best Time to Schedule Phoenix Roof Repairs

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The Best Time to Schedule Phoenix Roof Repairs During the monsoons of late summer, problems you hadn’t discovered previously come to light. The lawn floods, water falls off the roof eaves to drown your flower bed. And, oh, the roof leaks! While the first two may be nuisances, the last can turn into a much bigger issue. So should you plan your Phoenix roof repairs now or wait until the temperatures drop?   Scheduling Now, During Monsoon Your gut instinct may be to take care of the situation immediately, and that’s probably a good thought. However, since you’re certainly not the only homeowner who has discovered a leaky roof this August, you might be in a long line of people scrambling to schedule their repairs. And that will put you behind the eight ball. Another issue with scheduling Phoenix roof repairs during monsoon is, well, monsoon. Rains can start with little notice, and while roof-repair [...]

12 05, 2016

Top Signs that Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

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Top Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced With proper maintenance, your roof can last for quite a while so that it can actually work as it was intended. But even with proper maintenance, a roof won’t last forever. It’s why we our maintenance procedures include looking for signs of roof replacement Phoenix residents need to be prepared for. So what signs should you look for? While only an experienced roofing expert will know for sure, here are some signs that indicate that you may need to replace your roof soon: 1. You visit the attic (don’t forget your flashlight!) and you see outside light showing through the roof. And while you’re there, check for other signs as well. These include dark spots and trails where water has seeped and other signs of water leaks and damage. Find spots where the roof deck appears to be sagging. The more of these signs are noticeable, [...]

27 05, 2015

Shingles 101

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Shingles 101 Roof shingles are not to be confused with their unsightly medical counterpart, shingles. In fact, these two entities bearing the same name could not be more diametrically opposed. Shingles on roofs are guardians of the roof’s base, and defenders against the elements; shingles on the body are an unwelcomed parasite. Every homeowner should at least be familiar with the basic virtues of roofing shingles. The word shingle comes from the German shindle which means roofing slate. Shingles can be comprised from wood, slate, flagstone, metal, asphalt, and other various materials. The type of shingles roofers utilize typically depends on the environment. For instance, in Arizona, most roofers will utilize clay shingles, due the readily available access to clay in the desert, and clay’s inherent ability to withstand extreme summer temperatures. On the east coast, however, many homes will use asphalt shingles for their low cost, or wooden shingles in order to create the [...]

24 05, 2015

Gryphon Roofing Advises Against Pressure Washing Roofs

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Gryphon Roofing Advises Against Pressure Washing Roofs Often times, ambitious companies will tell homeowners a fraction of the truth to gain a sale. Pressure washing service companies are far from exempt. They will explain to homeowners and commercial real-estate providers that pressure washing will increase the longevity of their property, remove harmful irritants from the buildings structure, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the property. The only claim here that holds water is the latter. Pressure washing will provide your property with a clean look, but it will not increase the lifespan of the building structure or completely remove harmful irritants such as mold. Pressure washing a home is likely to do the opposite. When pressure washing is used to clean a roof, if may remove mold, but it will also remove some of the roofing material in the process. Moreover, if mold is present, your roof will be highly susceptible to the fragmentation that [...]

23 05, 2015

How to Slay a Roofer’s Mortal Enemy, Mold

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How to Slay a Roofer’s Mortal Enemy, Mold Stachybotrys Chartarum or mold, is the single greatest threat to the integrity of a building. Mold is a greenish back substance that grows in areas privy to high cellulose and low nitrogen content. Growth is promoted by water damage, humidity, leaks, or flooding. If mold it is given free rein to flourish and infiltrate the HVAC system, then it will reap havoc on the sinuses and upper respiratory system of a buildings occupants. In the world of commercial roofing, this can mean a threat to the health of thousands. How does it Grow? Mold follows the basic pattern of life, id est water tends to spawn living organisms. When water is allowed to seep into the cracks and crannies of a building, and then it is exacerbated by the presence of heat, mold spores will spawn, and things can quickly grow out of control. There are several [...]