12 05, 2016

Top Signs that Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

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Top Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced With proper maintenance, your roof can last for quite a while so that it can actually work as it was intended. But even with proper maintenance, a roof won’t last forever. It’s why we our maintenance procedures include looking for signs of roof replacement Phoenix residents need to be prepared for. So what signs should you look for? While only an experienced roofing expert will know for sure, here are some signs that indicate that you may need to replace your roof soon: 1. You visit the attic (don’t forget your flashlight!) and you see outside light showing through the roof. And while you’re there, check for other signs as well. These include dark spots and trails where water has seeped and other signs of water leaks and damage. Find spots where the roof deck appears to be sagging. The more of these signs are noticeable, [...]

7 12, 2015

Be Fire Conscious this Holiday Season

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Be Fire Conscious This Holiday Season We love the Holidays and the joy and cheer that comes with spending time with loved ones. Keeping your home safe in case of fire is an important aspect of having a warm holiday season. First and foremost, always have fire extinguishers available in the kitchen and at least one fire extinguisher on each level or floor of a home, make sure it is up to date and ready to go. According to the National Fire Protection Assosciation (NFPA), an average of 240 home fires begin with Christmas trees every year. Keeping extinguishers at the ready is an important aspect of safety that can nip a fire in the bud in the very earliest stages. Another inexpensive strategy for improving safety and security around the home is to install carbon monoxide detectors.

30 05, 2015

On the Nature of Patio Coverings

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On The Nature of Patio Coverings Patio Coverings may be a trifle in the East, but in Arizona, no pool patio is complete without one. Something about the shade, the sun, and a cool breeze make patio coverings the perfect amenity for desert dwellers. Indeed, at Gryphon Roofing we extend our services into the realm of patio roofing, conveniently referred to as patio coverings. Maximizing Patio Enjoyment There is a secret to ideal patio conditions. All Arizonians know that during summer, things can heat up, real quickly. Simply laying underneath the shade in the scorching sun will not provide the happiness and enjoyment you are truly seeking. In order to maximize patio satisfaction, pool owners ought to follow this simple formula. First, dive into the pool. As soon as you emerge from the refreshing pool, you will feel the rays of the sun drying you off steadily, and surely. At this point it is best to [...]

4 11, 2014

Making Use Of Energy-Efficient Windows To Save Money

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Making Use Of Energy-Efficient Windows To Save Money Saving money when it comes to energy can come in many shapes and forms. One of the ideal ways to greatly improve the energy efficiency of any home is to simply consider installing more energy-efficient windows. Double pane windows and other types of energy efficient type windows can have a large effect on the overall amount of energy that is used on an annual basis. This is energy that is used to keep a home warm or cold depending on the time of year. Several Hundred Dollars A Year In addition, when considering the selling of a home, buyers typically look at windows and are usually turned away by single pane windows and encouraged when a home has double pane windows. In some instances, installing energy star type energy-efficient windows can save a homeowner several hundred dollars a year in heating and cooling expenses. Making a home [...]

15 04, 2014

Gryphon Roofing Above The Rest!

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Remodeling A Home For Greater Personal Satisfaction with Gryphon Roofing & Remodeling Most people would agree that a remodeling or renovation project on a home can greatly increase the value of that home, however, the visual attractiveness gained from a remodeling project cannot be ignored. Breathing new life into an older home with a completely renovated kitchen or bathroom can work wonders in making a house a home again. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable remodeling contractor in Tempe that has years of experience. Favorable Rating With The Better Business Bureau When selecting a local Tempe remodeling company it is important to consider a few basic notions before ultimately choosing the company that will do the work on your home. For example, it is important to consider a company’s reputation throughout the community. A company with a long-standing positive reputation will likely deliver the [...]

7 04, 2014

Choosing the Right Roofer

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Choosing the Right Roofer - Remodeling As A Way To Increase The Value Of Your Home As more and more people choose to maintain their existing residence as opposed to buying a new home, remodeling is becoming an increasingly attractive option. While remodeling can add flair and appeal to any home it also can greatly increase the overall value of a home. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your renovation or remodeling project goes as expected is to choose carefully with regard to which remodeling company actually takes on the project. Carefully choosing the right roofer can make or break a project. Talking With Local Residents While there are many ways to find a great Tempe remodeling company in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area there are a few simple strategies that should be considered. For example, by talking with local residents such as family, friends and neighbors it is often possible to get [...]

23 03, 2014

Roofing and Remodeling Info

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Roofing and Remodeling Info: The Value Of A Quality Roofing Inspection Considering that a roof is one of the most vital elements of a structure or building it is important to have this essential part of a home inspected on a regular basis. An inspection by a qualified and experienced Tempe roof inspector can help to detect minor to severe damage that can lead to serious leaks and even in rare cases structural failure. The investment in both time and money is well spent when it comes to the all-important roof on any building or structure. A Trusted And Respected Name In Roof Work And Remodeling Projects In addition, a well-conducted roof inspection can allow for timely repairs to be performed in a professional and detailed way. Roof repairs completed in advance eliminate the chances of more serious problems occurring at a later time. Residential roofing in Tempe that gets results is routinely offered by [...]