Brilliant Solar Ball

The latest advancement in solar technology solves the aesthetic problem with solar panels. Indeed, the brilliant solar ball, created by German engineer Andre Broessel, looks like a magical device only found in Dumbledore’s office or Gandalf’s lair. Roofers everywhere are thrilled with the innovation, for they have long been wary of unsightly solar panels. To glimpse a pictures of this miraculous invention click here.

Unlike typical solar panels found on roofs today, the Solar Ball has the ability to rotate with the sun in order to maximize energy absorption. This technology however is millions of years old. The sun flower, one of nature’s most beautiful creations, actually functions similarly. Id est it grows towards the sun, and changes directions depending on the suns position and the seasons. This sunflowerish technology reduces the size of your solar panel system while finally solving the problem of aesthetic appeal. The only issue one can foresee is that people will become suspicious that you’re a mad scientists, given the novelty of the apparatus.

It has been said by the Solar Bar’s progenitor that solar panels can “lose up to 40% of energy production in a year.” This is why solar panel systems take up a large surface area on your roof. It is an attempt to compensate for the lack of efficiency inherent in the design. But with the Solar Ball takes this into account utilizing its patented Dual Axis Tracking System. What’s more, the spherical design even allows the energy collection on cloudy days.

Given that we are roofers we don’t claim to be scientists. But that is not to say we are without a sensitive intellectual sense, easily aroused by novelties such as the solar ball. Hopefully, as time progresses innovators like Andre Broessel will continue to produce exciting, innovative inventions.