Bizarre Roofs

At Gryphon Roofing we stick to standard roofing solutions. Usually, asphalt, clay shingles, or slate suffices for our purposes. But there are few roofers out there who dare to be different. Below are a few honorable mentions in the world of bizarre roofs and unconventional roofing.

Brazilian Leaf Roof

In Rio de Janeiro, amidst beautiful beaches and salty ocean spray, lies a sliver of housing comprised entirely of leaf roofs. The open air of Rio De Janeiro is the perfect backdrop for these breezy roofing options. In fact, no air-condition is necessary, although these houses come with it. The breezy leafy roofs naturally cool the incoming air. Moreover, the trade winds blowing from the east provide a natural salty sweet breeze sure to satisfy.

La Padera’s Roof

In Barcelona there is a roof that stands out amongst the monotonous sea of industrial roofs, dotted with aluminum vents and boring brick chimneys. The architect Gaudi chose to design a roof decorated with chimneys sporting the heads of sentinels wearing battle helmets. The soldiers are accompanied by a bulbous sculpture plastered with beautiful white tiles. The roof appears like a reawakening of an ancient Aztec civilization. At Gryphon Roofing we would not install such a roof, but we do admire Gaudi’s effort to stand out from the crowd.

Water Reservoir Mina

One of the first pictures Google Earth every snapped was the beautiful water reservoir roof at Mina. Mina is the holy city near Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and the reservoir attacks nearly 2 million pilgrims every year. Moreover, the roof enjoys the title the widest roof circumference ever created. Again, at Gryphon Roofing we prefer simple solutions. This is beyond our capacities but not above our appreciation and admiration.