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The low down on Tile Roofing.

Here in Phoenix, concrete tile and clay tile roofs are very common; most new housing developments throughout the last 25 years have tile roofs. Most of the problems we see and deal with involve the older homes although on occasion the newer homes with tile installations can and do leak. It is crucial that the installation of any roof system… but more so on a tile roof system, is done just right. Failure to do so could cause potential and future leaks.

Why does my tile roof need to be replaced if its a “lifetime” roof?

Most people don’t know that the water proofing on their tile roof system is the underlayment underneath the tile. The tile acts as a shield but does not actually water proof your home. In most cases, tile roofs that are over 15 years old have a 30lb thickness underlayment and only one layer of paper; this thin paper and single layer heavily increases the chances of leakage. It is highly recommended to use at least 2 layers of 40 lb underlayment for your tile roof installation. When inspecting a roof that 15+ years old we find brittle, sun baked, very deteriorated underlayment. Its no wonder a roof leaks when the waterproofing material has been eaten away by the Arizona heat over a span of time. When this happens we suggest a “re-felt” or a “tile r&r” which stands for remove & replace. The tile is still good to use but we need to move it inorder to replace the ‘felt’ or underlayment underneath.

What’s causing the leak and what repair options are there?

Most customers we see want to simply fix a current tile leak; often when we lift the tile on the roof we find the underlayment to be thin and worn out. Additionally, all those funny pipes you see sticking through your roof, are pipes that vent your heater system, your hot water system and all your drainage for your sinks dishwasher etc.. are packed in with concrete to seal around the pipe and the tile. This has become a major problem over time because the concrete will expand and break away from the pipe which in turn allows water to leak through.

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You don’t last 30 years in this industry without happy customers.

Done three roofs for me and will have them on the next one. Amazing company amazing workers and they were on time too!!!!

Ron, Kyrene & Ray

Gryphon has done repair work for us a few times. They have always been professional and fair. We recently had them redo 80% of our roof. The work was very good, much better than the original installation. They were honest and fair. It was a pleasure to work with them.

David, Dobson & Elliot

Dealing with this company was a hassle free experience. I am very happy with the work they did. The quote for the work was done quickly but with attention to detail. I feel that my roof is in really good shape now because of the meticulous work they did.

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Is it time to consider replacing your roof? Over time, the Arizona heat can take its toll on even the best building materials, including tile roofs, making roof replacement a necessity over the lifespan of a house. Replacing your roof is no small endeavor, but at Gryphon Roofing – we make the process seem effortless.

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