Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Service

Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Service in
Phoenix, AZ

A significant portion of one’s earning goes into building up their residential and commercial properties. After all the time and effort involved, it is shattering to see your home get blown away by an unexpected natural disaster.

Calamity may strike you anytime in the form of thunderstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and hailstorms, each of which has tremendous power to cause severe damage to homes, businesses, and other commercial establishments. These calamities may lead to flooding, fire, roof damage, etc. Sometimes, the magnitude is so high that it may lead to the destruction of your property, requiring complete restoration. Dealing with storm damage can be extremely taxing and disruptive, and hence, it is better to leave this demanding task to the professionals.

We at Gryphon are technically competent to deal with all kinds of storm repairs and restoration activities. Our experts are available 24/7 and are well-trained to provide storm damage services and carry out the cleanup and restoration tasks after the disaster. With the right knowledge and equipment in place, we are able to offer emergency support to minimize the damage sustained from a storm.

We can cater to following storm damage emergencies –
• Construction & restoration
• Roof and side repairs
• Tree and brush removals
• Window and door replacements
• Emergency water mitigation
• Emergency board-up to prevent crimes and theft
• Furniture restoration

How Do We Work?

Inspection: Once we get a call from our client, we reach the affected site as soon as possible. The foremost thing our experts do is inspect the site and determine the extent of storm damage. After analyzing the situation, we chalk out the possible options and alternatives we can proceed with.

Selection of the Right Option: We evaluate different alternatives identified in the earlier stage and determine the time and efforts that will be required for repairs and restoration. We discuss the scope of work with our client and proceed with the best possible course of action.

Implementation: After reaching an agreement with our client, we begin with the restoration work. Our experts work with total commitment and dedication, as our aim is to complete the restoration at is least possible time so that our clients can roll back to their routine after such a huge traumatic phase.

Obtain User Sign Off: Once we are done with the job, our experts take our clients through the whole site and determine if they require any changes or some issue needs to be fixed. Our job ends only when our clients are fully satisfied with the restoration work.

Gryphon’s Storm Damage Services

Cleanup Services: Post-storm conditions are quite messy. There may be leaking sewer lines, water buildup, broken trees, etc. These cleanups shall be carried out right after the storm to avoid further damage. We at Gryphon are equipped with all the necessary tools required in these scenarios, and we take care of cleanup jobs quickly and efficiently.

Roof Maintenance: A storm may cause severe damage to the roof and may require immediate actions to prevent further damage. There may be situations of cracked roof requiring repair or complete destruction which may need the whole roof to be restored. Be it any issue, our experts are skilled at restoration jobs and can bring back the home’s roof to life.

Complete Restoration: In some cases, the magnitude of the disaster is so high that it may require complete restoration of the whole property. This is where our storm damage experts come to the rescue. With their years of experience and training, they efficiently take charge of construction work and help the customers recover from the havoc caused by extreme weather conditions.

Dry-Up : It is necessary that your property is completely dried up before the restoration process. If not, the left overmoisture can cause further damage. We have the right equipment to carry out the drying up the task and we do not leave any stone unturned to ensure the property is free from moisture.

Why Gryphon for Storm Damage Repairs?

Gryphon is Phoenix’s leading storm damage repair contractors. We are a trusted name and have helped several homeowners and businesses recover from the blow of storm damage.

Emergency Service: At Gryphon, we provide a 24-hour emergency storm damage repair services. We make our experts available at your doorstep in the least possible time. We do not charge extra for working late nights as our policy is not to exploit our clients instead help them in times of need. You simply need to call our team, and we will be there in a matter of time.

Certified and Licensed Team: Our experts have gone through rigorous training and have dealt with all kinds of disaster scenarios. Our licensed team is skilled in handling the damage caused by hailstorms, thunderstorms, etc. and is adept at providing quick repair and restoration.

Affordable: We offer competitively-priced solutions and free quotes. However, this doesn’t mean that we are okay-ish with the job. We do not leave any loose ends in trying to compensate with the low pricing and ensure providing up to the mark solutions every time you reach us.