For years Arizona has been famous for its mild winters and refreshing weather. However in the last few years we have had a number of storms that have stood out in ferocity. These storms, though magnificent in their power, are very destructive to the world we have built. Buildings and vehicles are bruised and battered from the tenacious wind, pelting rain and crushing hail.

Are you covered?

The damaged caused to your property is covered by your insurance in a clause that reads similar to this; “…inclement weather or other act of God…”.

Making the Claim

Give a call to your insurance company to start the claim process. They will schedule a time with you to send out one of their insurance adjusters, who will be representing their company on how much they will value the damage at.

Contractor Estimate

Call us to schedule a time for us to come out and give and inspection/estimate of the damage. We will give you a proposal ensuring that we will fight on your behalf to have your roof restored.


Your insurance adjuster and us will communicate to make sure they cover the cost of all the necessary repairs to your home.

Repairs/Work is Done

When an agreement is reached we will schedule your job on a convenient day for you.

Settling Up

When the work is completed we will notify your insurance company who will then write a check to both you & us. This is to ensure we get paid for the work that was done, and so that way you are involved in every process of restoring your home.