Residential Restoration

Residential Restoration and Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

No place is better than home – we strive to maintain its structural integrity to cherish the best quality of life. However, natural calamities and other emergencies can knock door any time, wreaking havoc and demanding immediate attention. This is when residential restoration contractors come to the rescue.

At Gryphon, we have a team of licensed and certified technicians who are trained to deal with all kinds of residential restoration issues. We are Phoenix’s restoration specialists providing a full range of cleaning and disaster restoration services to help you recover from a blow and start afresh. We can cater to the following needs quickly and efficiently –

• Furniture upholstery and cleaning services
• Carpet cleaning and repair
• Water damage extraction and restoration
• Fire and smoke damage restoration
• Mold remediation and removal services
• Air duct and HVAC cleaning services
• Storm damage removal services

How Do We Work?

Inspection: Our experts are pretty quick in responding to the queries from our clients and will be there at your premises in no time. The first thing our experts do is take a walkthrough inspection and prepare a draft report of areas requiring restoration. This report is presented to the client and their observations are taken note of.

Client Discussion: We let our clients choose the parts they are willing to get restored and list out the possible alternatives we can proceed with. Once we are in agreement, we draft a fair quote and update the estimated timeframe for a complete restoration.

Implementation: Our experts give their 100% commitment and work to complete the restoration is the least possible time. Our implementation team does not breach the deadlines, as we do not intend to prolong the discomfort that has occurred to our client.

Obtain User Sign Off: Once we are done with the restoration job, the client is requested to review the work and suggest if they expect any further improvements. If there are some areas which they feel are to be worked on, we cover those as well to provide 100% work satisfaction.

Gryphon’s Residential Restoration Services

Fire and smoke damage restoration: Severe fire can be caused due to gas line burst, human negligence, or lightning strikes. These cases require emergency restoration services so that the damage can be controlled at the right time. We at Gryphon provide 24/7 emergency service and our experts reach the affected site ASAP. We have dealt with both minor as well as severe cases of fire with successful effects.

Water damage extraction and restoration services: Busted water pipelines, sewer pipe leaks, and natural disasters are the primary causes which may lead to water damage at your premises. If the water gets build-up, it may require extracted at the right time to avoid severe damage to your property. With technically-advanced equipment like water extractors, moisture meters, dumnifiers, and industrial sump pumps, we are in a position to restore all kinds of water damage restoration.

Storm damage removal services: Storms may cause severe damage to your roof, walls, and floorings, which may require a total residential restoration. These require services on an emergency basis, as these may lead to the destruction of your property if left unattended for a long time. Our 24/7 emergency services act as your savior and our experts are capable of restoring your site in no time.

Furniture upholstery and cleaning services: Furniture upholstery impacts the aesthetics of your home and should be kept in good taste. Upholstery may get worn out pretty fast if there are pets or small kids in your home as they have a habit of playing with it. Over time, your upholstery may also become a habitat for bugs, mites, and even dust which may cause allergic side effects. Our expert upholstery and cleaning services make your upholstery look like a brand new one and free from all the unwanted particles.

Carpet Cleaning and repair service: Carpets are highly prone to dust accumulation. These need cleaning at frequent intervals so that the dust gets removed on time and does not lead to allergic reactions. Water leaks or natural calamities may also wet carpets and lead to unwanted health hazards. Our experts are technically equipped to carry out the restoration task in a smooth manner and make your carpets germ free.

Air duct cleaning: Your HVAC system should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of pollutants in your ventilation system. Our technicians carry out the inspection and recommend the best possible course of action. We have all the necessary equipment to suck the dust out of your ventilation system and improves indoor air quality.

Why Gryphon for Residential Restoration?

Gryphon is Phoenix’s leading residential restoration contractor. Our credible services have left a mark in Phoenix and have helped several owners in getting their premises restored completely.

Emergency Service: Gryphon’s 24 hours emergency response team make our experts available at your doorstep in the least possible time. We provide 24-hour emergency residential restoration service and do not charge extra for working on weekends. We are always there for our customers in times of need.

Certified and Licensed Team: Gryphon’s experts are licensed and certified. They have gone through rigorous training and are skilled in handling both minor as well as severe residential restoration issues.

Affordable: The combination of quality and affordability aspect is surely a take away at Gryphon. Our residential restoration services are quite competitive and we never overcharge our customers because they are all we care for.

Quality Service: We have set quality standards and we never breach them. Our organization is ethically sound and we do not compromise on the quality aspects. Our experts work with 100% dedication and never leave loose ends.

Contact Gryphon for Residential Restoration Services

Gryphon specializes in providing the best residential restoration services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We are in the business for over 25 years and have a track record of providing successful remodeling and restoration solutions. Our team is qualified to cater to emergency needs and provide high-quality services at competitive prices.

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