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Glendale, AZ is a great place to live, but the blistering sun and weather can cause a beating to the roofs of your Glendale business or commercial establishment. When it comes to commercial roofing repairs in Glendale, we know a thing or two about getting the job done right!

When your roof is damaged, it can be difficult to tell whether to repair or replace this damage. Commercial roofs are different from residential roofs in that they typically have a more complex water elimination system. The more complicated a system becomes, the more prone to becoming damage it is and the more maintenance it requires.

The Bowl and the Peak

glendale commercial roof repair companyThere are two main kinds of roof shapes: a bowl and a gable, or peaked roof. In a gabled roof, water is directed from the entire roof’s surface area downward, to where downspouts carry it away from the foundation. Sitting water in this kind of situation is to be avoided at all costs. This is distinct from many setups of commercial roofs.

Most commercial roofing is essentially a bowl, composed of a flat roof with short walls around it, and is designed for water to either evaporate off of it or be collected into a downspout. These downspouts are usually larger than those on homes, and they often lead directly into a storm drain instead of into the yard.

Types of Commercial Roofs

Commercial roofs come in a lot of different materials. There are roofs that are constructed much like those on your home, where asphalt shingles are the most common type of material. Many taller and more challenging to construct buildings such as skyscrapers use metal sloped roofs. Still, other commercial structures use polymers, membranes and built-up materials.

Commercial roofing can use more complex systems, such as rainwater collection for gray water or for the lawn, or it can simply siphon off the water after it reaches a certain depth. Many commercial roofing systems are highly dependent on the durability of the materials and must be replaced fairly frequently. In some cases, a roofing system designed for commercial applications can have a functional lifespan of only 10 years.

Repair Options

There are a few repair options you can consider when you are considering commercial roofing repairs in Glendale AZ. One option is to simply build on more material. This usually consists of removing any rocks or other outer coverings and then pouring on an additional membrane, tar or polymers. Another method is to remove what is already there and install either a fresh application of the same or an entirely different material.

There is also the option to identify any areas where there is either weakening of the material or where it has gotten damaged, and patch it accordingly. Since many of the roofing materials that are used in commercial settings are non-rigid and go on liquid, this may consist of simply pouring on and smoothing the materials.

Estimating the Cost

As a business, the cost is a major concern. However, the roof is one of the most important components of your building and simply cannot be neglected. Understanding the cost differences between repairing and replacement is paramount to planning and budgeting for the right plan of attack.
Here are a few factors to consider and discuss with your commercial roof repair contractor:

  1. Type of roof
  2. Roof access
  3. What’s underneath
  4. Wind loads and fastenings
  5. Code and permit requirements

Type of Roof

With regards to commercial applications, there are two primary types of roofs:

  • Flat or “low-slope”
  • Slopped, pitched or angular

In most cases, the best materials for a flat roof are bituminous or single ply asphalt. These shingles are both cost-effective and moderately durable, often coming with 25-30 year warranties.

To Repair or Replace?

Repair and replacement each have their pros and cons. The advantage of replacement is that you can identify if there is any sub-surface weakness that can be taken care of at the same time. The advantage of smaller repairs is that they are faster and of lower cost. This is a decision that should be thought over with a roofing professional.

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