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Phoenix Remodeling Contractors

Gryphon is a trusted roofing and remodeling contractor of Phoenix that can be of help. With over 25+ years of professional experience, we have renovated several commercial properties with attractive and appreciable architecture. We have made a mark in the commercial remodeling industry and have helped several businesses own tastefully-designed offices and other commercial establishments.

At Gryphon, we understand that redesigning office spaces and business setups involve challenging schedule requirements to minimize the loss of productive hours. To cut the hassle, we work in flexible models and ensure that the remodeling/expansion job gets completed within or before the timelines. Our industry exposure and strategic approach further enable us to provide prompt and perfect remodeling services to our business clients.

What We Can Do For You

We are a local, family-owned business with an expanding team of design and remodeling experts. No matter what size of commercial space you are looking to remodel, our crew has the potential to amp it up and improve its aesthetic and monetary value. We have completed hundreds of projects so far, including –

  • Renovation/remodeling of small, big & large-sized offices
  • Cubicle installations
  • Multi-family housing buildings
  • Restaurant properties
  • Retail store remodeling
  • Educational institutes
  • Shopping centers remodeling
  • Medical facilities
  • Hotel & apartment building remodeling
  • Government properties

Stages of Commercial Remodeling

Being a leading remodeling company of Phoenix, we at Gryphon have devised our own plan of action to accomplish a commercial remodeling project with utmost perfection. Given the tedious nature of the job, we carefully analyze the scope of revamping the space with carpentry, wall paintings, drywall, door-and-hardware, etc. and strategize the steps to take things forward with precision.

From the initial consultation about your property’s design to the final touch, we give the best attention to remodel your commercial property. Our basic structure of remodeling service can be broken down into the following steps –

  • Initial project consultation and budgeting
  • Plan of action to remodel
  • Final touch-ups and client approval

You will always find us around to assist you in restructuring your business space with all needful requirements.

Why Gryphon for Commercial Remodeling in Phoenix?

Whether you own a huge company or a small startup agency, maintaining your commercial space is imperative to impart professional image and attract more customers.

At Gryphon, our licensed and insured remodelers know the ‘art’ of renovating a commercial setup. We’ll understand your needs, set up the right plan, cover the needs like painting, flooring, siding, plumbing, roofing, etc., and strategically remodel the space to impress your clients and encourage the productivity of your staff. You can rely on us for-

  • Quality Construction

Incorporating a new design in an existing commercial property is a great way to refresh the space and make it more likable. At Gryphon, our commercial remodeling contractors ensure that you have the best design layout and quality construction throughout the remodeling process. We’ll make sure that your structure resonates with the brand image and that the finished result looks ‘extremely pleasing.’

  • Project Management Skills

Planning, prioritizing, coordination, execution, and final walkthrough- our remodeling project managers ace everything to confirm the successful delivery of a commercial project. Our staff is dynamic, efficient, and put the best possible efforts to transform every single idea into reality.

  • Accurate Costing 

Appearances of stores/offices play a grand role in the business world, and so does money. At Gryphon, we know what it takes to execute a satisfactory commercial remodeling job and what it will cost. Based on the scope of the project, our team of contractors can estimate the ballpark pricing to help you make an informed choice.

  • We Value Time

As a business owner, we do understand that your time is precious, and downtime is unacceptable. That’s why we make every day count to make sure that the renovations and additions get completed on time.

  • Insured Team 

Being a reputed commercial remodeling company in Arizona, we make sure to have liability insurance and our contractor’s compensation coverage for all the remodeling projects we undertake. We do have a warranty for every project we deal with and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our project execution.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Remodeling Contractor

A commercial remodeling job, led by a professional team, is proven to impact business productivity and performance. Here are some of the primary benefits of ‘modernizing’ your office –

Freshly remodeled office – Nothing excites your clients/affiliates more than a well-designed office space. A change in the floor plan, upgradations in furnishing, tweaks in lighting, etc. is likely to spruce up your establishment’s look & feel while creating the best first impression.

Employee productivity – Investing in commercial remodeling will definitely be an offset in the productivity of your employees. Incorporation of comfortable office furniture or the use of bright colors in the workspace can make it easier to encourage your staff to perform better.

Property value – The obvious benefit of remodeling your commercial property is to increase its monetary value in the near future. Investing in contemporary remodeling improvements will surely help you to obtain better resale value and thus make a handsome profit.

Contact Gryphon to Upgrade Your Commercial Building

If you have plans to revamp your lobby, add some new elements in the existing office design, or redesign the whole theme of your workplace, do connect with the expert team of Gryphon. We are Phoenix’s leading commercial remodeling contractor and are able to provide the best services that fit every budget.

By far, we have completed hundreds of projects and would love to help you redefine the impression of your stores, hotels, restaurants, or other facilities. We have a strong client base across various regions of Arizona, including Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale where we are successful in nurturing trust among the people. Our commitment to delivering what is expected has made us the top commercial remodeling contractors in our region.

Our qualified remodeling contractors can make any space look new. To discuss your commercial remodeling needs, contact us today!