9 06, 2015

Brilliant Solar Ball

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Brilliant Solar Ball The latest advancement in solar technology solves the aesthetic problem with solar panels. Indeed, the brilliant solar ball, created by German engineer Andre Broessel, looks like a magical device only found in Dumbledore’s office or Gandalf’s lair. Roofers everywhere are thrilled with the innovation, for they have long been wary of unsightly solar panels. To glimpse a pictures of this miraculous invention click here. Unlike typical solar panels found on roofs today, the Solar Ball has the ability to rotate with the sun in order to maximize energy absorption. This technology however is millions of years old. The sun flower, one of nature’s most beautiful creations, actually functions similarly. Id est it grows towards the sun, and changes directions depending on the suns position and the seasons. This sunflowerish technology reduces the size of your solar panel system while finally solving the problem of aesthetic appeal. The only issue one can foresee [...]

5 06, 2015

Ubiquity of Asphalt Shingles

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Ubiquity of Asphalt Shingles Although less common in Phoenix, AZ, asphalt shingles can be found everywhere. Indeed, they have become the sparrow of roofing shingles, and account for a majority of roof coverings across the nation. Why? One might ask. Well like most things in the world, it all comes down to cost. Asphalt shingles are inexpensive for roofers and consumers, durable, and easy to install. Asphalt Shingles Comprised of: Like most inexpensive, durable and reliable things, asphalt shingles are a composition of many elements—it is a mutt! But asphalt shingles can be split into two categories: organic and fiber glass. The former is an amalgamation of cotton, wool, jute, and manila. The latter is similar except it is involves a base layer of glass fiber bonded with resin. The advantage of this base layer is it offers protection against fire damage. Indeed, the old recipe for asphalt shingles left them prone to ignition. It [...]

30 05, 2015

On the Nature of Patio Coverings

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On The Nature of Patio Coverings Patio Coverings may be a trifle in the East, but in Arizona, no pool patio is complete without one. Something about the shade, the sun, and a cool breeze make patio coverings the perfect amenity for desert dwellers. Indeed, at Gryphon Roofing we extend our services into the realm of patio roofing, conveniently referred to as patio coverings. Maximizing Patio Enjoyment There is a secret to ideal patio conditions. All Arizonians know that during summer, things can heat up, real quickly. Simply laying underneath the shade in the scorching sun will not provide the happiness and enjoyment you are truly seeking. In order to maximize patio satisfaction, pool owners ought to follow this simple formula. First, dive into the pool. As soon as you emerge from the refreshing pool, you will feel the rays of the sun drying you off steadily, and surely. At this point it is best to [...]

27 05, 2015

Shingles 101

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Shingles 101 Roof shingles are not to be confused with their unsightly medical counterpart, shingles. In fact, these two entities bearing the same name could not be more diametrically opposed. Shingles on roofs are guardians of the roof’s base, and defenders against the elements; shingles on the body are an unwelcomed parasite. Every homeowner should at least be familiar with the basic virtues of roofing shingles. The word shingle comes from the German shindle which means roofing slate. Shingles can be comprised from wood, slate, flagstone, metal, asphalt, and other various materials. The type of shingles roofers utilize typically depends on the environment. For instance, in Arizona, most roofers will utilize clay shingles, due the readily available access to clay in the desert, and clay’s inherent ability to withstand extreme summer temperatures. On the east coast, however, many homes will use asphalt shingles for their low cost, or wooden shingles in order to create the [...]

24 05, 2015

Gryphon Roofing Advises Against Pressure Washing Roofs

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Gryphon Roofing Advises Against Pressure Washing Roofs Often times, ambitious companies will tell homeowners a fraction of the truth to gain a sale. Pressure washing service companies are far from exempt. They will explain to homeowners and commercial real-estate providers that pressure washing will increase the longevity of their property, remove harmful irritants from the buildings structure, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the property. The only claim here that holds water is the latter. Pressure washing will provide your property with a clean look, but it will not increase the lifespan of the building structure or completely remove harmful irritants such as mold. Pressure washing a home is likely to do the opposite. When pressure washing is used to clean a roof, if may remove mold, but it will also remove some of the roofing material in the process. Moreover, if mold is present, your roof will be highly susceptible to the fragmentation that [...]

23 05, 2015

How to Slay a Roofer’s Mortal Enemy, Mold

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How to Slay a Roofer’s Mortal Enemy, Mold Stachybotrys Chartarum or mold, is the single greatest threat to the integrity of a building. Mold is a greenish back substance that grows in areas privy to high cellulose and low nitrogen content. Growth is promoted by water damage, humidity, leaks, or flooding. If mold it is given free rein to flourish and infiltrate the HVAC system, then it will reap havoc on the sinuses and upper respiratory system of a buildings occupants. In the world of commercial roofing, this can mean a threat to the health of thousands. How does it Grow? Mold follows the basic pattern of life, id est water tends to spawn living organisms. When water is allowed to seep into the cracks and crannies of a building, and then it is exacerbated by the presence of heat, mold spores will spawn, and things can quickly grow out of control. There are several [...]

21 05, 2015

Commercial Roofing, Regulatory Reform and Lower Taxes

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Commercial Roofing, Regulatory Reform and Lower Taxes The field of commercial roofing often attracts brave entrepreneurs with impeccable work ethic and a desire to create something unique, and personal. The field also attracts hardworking, small business supporters, not well versed in political intrigue, legal regulations, and the tax patterns of the industry. Thankfully, Roofers are protected by their guardian, the National Roofing Contractors Association, which aim to represent the interest of roofers, everywhere. Reform Recently, the NRCA has made a call to reform, “we want to support candidates who are pro-business. The amount of regulation that has crept into our industry is daunting. A massive amount of nickel and dime red tape is tied up in all of it,” says Dale Tyler, president of the association. Indeed, a call for less stringent and onerous regulation is on its way to congress. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has yet to bring the bill to the floor, [...]

19 05, 2015

Common Causes of Roof Damage

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Common Causes of Roof Damage O the simple things in life, when confronted by that old maxim the most essential component is a “roof over your head.” Indeed, without a roof, there can be no home. Without a home, there can be no happiness. Thus, homeowners would be wise to expend the utmost care and protection towards the health of their roof. At Gryphon Roofing, we face the unique challenge of roof maintenance in the desert. There are of course some benefits. That is, we enjoy the convenience of avoiding the deleterious effects snow has upon roofs. But, the brittle, scorching summer sun, counterbalances the absence of winter. Indeed, the harsh dry climate takes a toll on your roof, and roof maintenance is required to protect against any of the following common causes of roof damage. Summer Heat and Summer Storms Basically, the most imminent threat to Arizona Roofs occurs during late July and August, [...]

16 05, 2015

Preparing the Roof for Spring

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Preparing the Roof for Spring Spring can be a magical time, full of sunny days, green fields, and the feeling of youth. However, a cracked shingle, or a roof leak will surely cause homeowners to lament the April showers which breed May flowers. At Gryphon Roofing we’re happy to share a few helpful tips to help ease homeowners into the spring season. Evaluate the Roofing Surface The first thing homeowners should do is briefly survey the visible condition of the roof. Are there any cracked, dissipated, or absent shingles? These areas are particularly prone to water damage. An absent shingle can serve as a natural funnel, drawing water to it and collecting rain water, forming a stagnant pool. Homeowners should replace any damaged shingles before the spring season rolls around, or call a qualified roofing professional like Gryphon Roofing if they are incapable of replacing the damaged shingle themselves. Cleaning the Gutter The Gutter serves [...]

14 05, 2015

Roof Coating Explained

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Roof Coating Explained It may surprise some to lean that roof coating has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, there are accounts of a special pitch used to water proof roof and protect its inhabitants from rain and the elements. Technology has rapidly advanced since then, and roof coating has become a common practice that serves multiple purposes. Scientifically speaking, roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane that has elastic properties that allow it to stretch and reform to its original shape without sustaining damage. There are many benefits of roof coating. Exempli gratis roof coating is known to protect against cracks and leaks. Moreover, roof coating can drastically extend the life of your roof. Lastly, roof coating is known to insulate your home, which drives down energy bills. Roof coating can be an affordable, realistic option for commercial and residential home builders looking to save money and [...]